Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ’s page! Here you'll find the most frequently asked questions. If you still can't find what your looking for, head over to our contact page and get in touch.

You order online at - we don't have a physical store.

  • Select ‘shop’ from the main menu and choose a collection to view.
  • Select your product and quantity and add it to your basket. You can view your basket at any time via the bag icon at the top right of the page.
  • Opt to use either our delivery or collection service. Collections are by appointment only (view delivery or collection FAQ for more info).
  • Press the checkout button to place your order (you will need to be registered and logged in).
  • Once your order has successfully been placed with us, we will be in touch via SMS confirming your delivery or collection time slot.

Refills are decanted from our delivery containers to your own bottles on your doorstep.

Refills can be purchased in increments of 100ml/100g up to our largest 5L Jerry's*.

Want to test a product before committing to a larger size? Why not... that's why we offer our products in flexible sizes. Want to fill your bottles from home? We can cater for that too... Simply select the exact size you need, this is available for our whole product range.

*5L Jerry cans are sold as part of our ‘Return & Refill’ service. 

  • Liquid refills are delivered using our reusable bottles and decanted into your own bottles on your doorstep.
  • Dry powders, are delivered in 100% recyclable paper containers.

Item listed as ‘Refill Only’ are sold without packaging. If you have a suitable container at home already, please feel free to use it.

If you don't have a bottle or container at home, you can purchase one of the fab looking bottles we stock. Simply select a pre-bottled product or, add a container to your order from the ‘Bottles & Caps’ collection.

We understand if you'd like to change how you receive emails from Unpacked. At the bottom of any email from us you will find a link where you can change your preferences or unsubscribe.

If you've already deleted all our emails, please contact us here.

Our 5L Return & Refill service is operated on the basis that our customers return our containers to us for reuse. This means they may not look as pretty as new, but that doesn’t stop them from doing their job of reducing plastic waste in Gibraltar.

There are many benefits to the service – The 5L reusable containers give you months of refills at home and are more economical to purchase.

It also has a big impact on our transportation footprint by reducing the number deliveries we make. There are no downsides – except that you won’t see our happy face at your door so often!!

Your first order must include a 5L container (we call these ‘Jerry’s’).

If you choose ‘refill only’ on your first order and have completed the transaction, you will be requested to place an additional order for the Jerry can.

Open the dropdown ‘Shop’ tab from the main menu bar and select the 5L Return & Refill collection. From here you can choose your favourite product that comes with a 5L Jerry.

Your empties will be collected when you place your next order - we simply swap an empty for a full Jerry.

Yes, the reason we need all the containers back is to get them back into use for other customers - otherwise we risk running out! so please make an effort to return all containers when we deliver your new refills.

We ask that you don't wash the empty jerry’s as we will be washing them anyway to guarantee cleanliness for reuse - this avoids doubling up on use of water and energy.

Your empties will be collected when you place your next order - we simply swap an empty for a full Jerry. If you are out, please leave empties outside for us to collect during the designated time-slot.

If you haven't placed an order for a while, and would like to return your jerry to us, please get in touch and we will arrange to collect them from you.

We accept that accidents happen, they may be lost or mistakenly discarded - you won't be charged for this unless it becomes excessive :)

We ask that you please take care of the jerry’s and ensure they are of reach from children and pets for the safety of both.

No, the Jerry’s are part of the Unpacked delivery eco-service and reused across all our customers. You will receive a replacement jerry with you next order.

If you fail to return the jerry’s following requests from us, you may be sent an invoice for the retail price.

We adhere to processes in place to ensure all containers are washed/dried to effectively sterilise from any contaminants, then handled with measures to avoid contact and contamination.

Delivery costs £2.00 for all orders under £20.00. Orders above that amount are free of charge.

There is no minimum order however, given Unpacked's ethos, we are always looking to minimise the environmental impact of running the delivery service. We want to encourage our customers to consolidate multiple smaller orders into one bigger order. Ordering less often will mean fewer journeys and less energy use per customer. This is also why we created our 5L Return & Refill service, which allows you to do just that.

We deliver Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm.

We deliver to all doorsteps in & around Gibraltar. We are unable to deliver to Spain. However, if you live outside of Gibraltar and are a regular visitor, you can opt to collect your order from our storeroom. If you travel to Gibraltar for work, we can deliver to you there!

Yes, you can select a date from the date picker at the checkout. You can also add a note stating your preferred delivery time, as well as any special instructions i.e. Access codes for apartment buildings, leave in porch or, call on arrival for example. 

We aim to deliver when requested, however this may not always be possible. We will always get touch via SMS confirming your time slot prior to any delivery.

No – In fact a growing number of customers prefer to leave their empties out to be refilled without being disturbed or, having to be tied to an appointment. Much like the original ‘Milkman’ service!! In these cases, we’ll always message you when your order has been fulfilled.

Absolutely! You can collect or refill direct from our local storeroom, simply, choose 'Collection' on the checkout page and we’ll be in touch to schedule a convenient time.

Collections are Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. 

If you are bringing your own bottles for filling, please ensure their capacity is fitting to your order and they are clean and ready to receive the new product.

Please note, we operate an unmanned storeroom. If you visit without an appointment, you risk being unable to make your collection. 

Our storeroom is located in Lathbury Road. Before heading up the rock, take a right turn under the bridge. Follow the road around the back of Lathbury Stadium and you'll find us! 

Unpacked is hosted on the Shopify ecommerce platform. Shopify provides a secure shopping experience for its merchants’ customers by keeping their security systems up to date with industry best practices.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an information security standard that organizations must adhere to when handling credit card and debit card information. The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council created this standard to protect cardholder data used for online payments.

Shopify is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, meeting all six categories of PCI standards:

  • Maintain a secure network
  • Maintain a vulnerability management program
  • Regularly monitor and test networks
  • Protect cardholder data
  • Implement strong access control measures
  • Maintain an information security policy

This compliance is extended to all online stores powered by Shopify.

At the end of the checkout process and once payment has successfully been taken, you will reach an order confirmation page which will summarise you order details.

You will also receive an order confirmation email to the email account specified on the order - please check your junk folder!

We currently stock items from the below retailers. All information regarding their products can be found via their websites; links below:'s ingredient information here.

Miniml's ingredient information here.

Friendlysoap information here.

Please get in touch immediately so that we can resolve!

We ensure all stockists we work with prioritise sustainable packaging and practices and that they manufacture environmentally friendly and where possible, vegan products. We do a lot of work searching for brands that offer exceptional products that meet our ethical and eco-conscious values. When we find one and reach out to them, we have a vetting process where we consider where/how the product is made, and the benefits it will have on our environment. Once we are happy that there are genuine benefits through the sale and use of these items, we then get stocked up so we can offer them to our customers and pass on their amazing benefits.

We want unpacked to make refill shopping available and accessible to the many rather than the few, therefore we need to buy the products in bulk to benefit from packaging waste reduction. We also need to be able to source it at a cost where the retail price can be justified.

As we expand, the range of products we stock will also expand. Conversely, if a product doesn't sell, then we stop selling it!

If you suggest a product and we can find it and sell it at a reasonable price, then we'll give it a go!

We won't stock products that:

  • our customers don't buy
  • we can't source in bulk
  • we can't sell at a reasonable price
  • doesn't come from a trusted supplier

Minimising waste

We are very conscious of our operational environmental impact and always looking to minimise this wherever possible - this is integral to Unpacked's ethics and values.

Packaging waste: packaging from suppliers is unavoidable, and we receive all products in a variety of packaging material depending on the supplier, nature of product and quantity. In order to responsibly manage the plastic packaging waste, we recycle or reuse where possible. Our bulk containers and hard plastic liquid containers remain in circulation with our wholesale customers and all paper and cardboard packaging is recycled.

Disposable hygiene waste: we will always use reusable options when picking and packing refills over disposable where hygienic - cotton protective gloves, bamboo reusable paper towel, reusable hand towels.

Paper waste: we avoid using paper and printing in the business where reusable or digital alternatives are available (white boards for packing lists, digital tools for picking lists, online documents for records).

Water & energy waste: we ask that customers don't wash our 5L Jerry’s as we will always need to wash them again; We use a dishwasher on a short cycle to minimise use of water and energy.


What vehicle do you use to deliver?

Where possible, deliveries are made by foot, when this is not possible we transport orders via scooter. Unpacked is striving to be as sustainable as possible and it is a priority of ours to upgrade to 100% green, electric powered vehicles as soon as we are able to do so. Hold tight… we’re working on it!


COVID 19 Policies

We have a strict “stay at home” policy if feeling unwell, and are fully up to date on Covid-19 guidelines and business regulations. We regularly sanitise or handwash between tasks.

If requested, deliveries can be dropped off on the doorstep.

If you are happy to open the door for a delivery, we can use the 2m rule to keep safe by standing back and allowing the refills to take place; and vice versa for us to collect empties.

All collected empty Jerry’s are left for the required 3 days before we wash and sterilise them for reuse.

Deliveries will only be cancelled in the event of illness or self-isolation which will be communicated and effected orders will be refunded.